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Shipping FAQs

Since the beginning of our small farm enterprise, we were encouraged to share our product with consumers who are not close enough to get our items at the different farmers market in which we participate. We have created this online store to share with you some of the Caribe United Farm products. Even though we research constantly the different shipping couriers and their services, we acknowledge the challenges in providing you with an excellent online experience. Shipping meat products is not only a logistical challenge, it is expensive. However, we are confident that you, the customer, will understand and appreciate our efforts to provide you with a quality product and a personalized service. Come on try us! 

What courier do we use? 

We use USPS 1-3 days Priority Mail services. Shipping rates are calculated by USPS and are based on weight and location.

When do we ship orders?

Due to the perishable nature of the product, we will ship once a week, Monday morning to be exact. Last order for the week will be taken Sunday at 5:00 pm. This will give us enough time to prepare all the orders to be mailed Monday morning.

How do we keep products cold?

Each box shipped will contain a deluxe box liner and cold packs to maintain the items in cold temperature. We ask that you email us as soon as you get the shipment and inform us about your shipping experience. This will help us to acquire the knowledge needed to perfect the shipping experience. 

As we continue on this journey to provide high quality, premium poultry meat, we will continue to research in order to provide you with cheaper shipping options when such options become available. Thank you for choosing and supporting Caribe United Farm!