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Caribe United Farm

Farming Georgia's Land with Caribbean Hands!

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Caribe United Farm

- We are a small farm located in rural Georgia that embraces our Caribbean roots and ways of farming as well as the empowerment of underrepresented communities throughout agriculture.

-We are producers of high quality pasture-raised eggs and meat. Our pasture-raised layers (hens and ducks) enjoy a diet of grass, insects and NON-GMO feed. Our pasture-raised meat poultry (chicken, turkey and duck) enjoy a diet of grass, insect and Organic and/or NON-GMO feed. Our pasture and forest-raised pigs enjoy eating grass, roots, and NON-GMO feed

From a humble beginning...

to building our dream...

Knowing the value of hardwork

Always respecting the land

Family and friends

Enjoying our close relationships

Respecting our elders

Honoring the matriarch of the family